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"Full Yogic Breath" for Energy, Immunity, and Equanimity

anxiety breath equanimity health pranayama vitality wellness Apr 08, 2021

Yogis have known the benefits of conscious breathwork for thousands of years on the body, mind, and soul level. Prana means life force energy, and yama means tuning (also translated as controlling). The doorway to this prana is through our breath.

We all breathe automatically and mostly unconsciously to maintain life.
By learning to control our breath, we can access the potential of this powerful tool to gain greater mastery over the mind, physical body, and emotions.

When we are breathing automatically, it can be affected by our posture, habits, emotions, stiffness in muscles, decreased mobility in the spine, and injuries. If we are not aware, our breath can be shallower than our actual capacity.

Inefficient or shallow breath can promote stress, anxiety, chronic fatigue, irritability, and physical disease. By consciously and consistently practicing various Pranayama, we can increase awareness, gain greater control over respiratory muscles, release tensions, and increase breath efficiency.

Current scientific research can now explain the mechanisms of breathing and the benefits of regular conscious breathing.

Pranayama practices complement natural breathing. It will help us gain healthy resting breath qualities (deep, slow, smooth, quiet, relaxed).

Practice "Full Yogic Breath" with me.
The possible benefits of consistent practice are:
1) Gain a greater awareness of your breath
2) Increase the control over the breathing muscles
3) Improve the lung capacity
4) Calm and balance the nervous system
4) It may promote a sense of ease, deep stillness, and relaxation

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